Current Events


Important notice, Operative dentistry - preclinic

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First year dentistry students - IMPORTANT NOTICE,Dental Anatomy canceled

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GNATOLOGY- Final exam in April exam term

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Notification for dentistry students, exams

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DENTISTRY STUDENTS - PATHOLOGY - Practical microscopis examination

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Department of Dentistry

Teaching staff

Dubravka Marković, Full Professor
Branka Vukić Ćulafić, Full Professor
Marija Bokor Bratić, Full Professor
Ljubiša Džambas, Full Professor
Srećko Selaković, Full Professor
Larisa Blažić, Associate Professor
Ljubomir Petrović, Associate Professor
Siniša Mirković, Associate Professor
Milanko Đurić, Associate Professor
Ljiljana Strajnić, Associate Professor
Đorđe Petrović, Associate Professor, Head of the Department
Predrag Vučinić, Assistant Professor
Duška Blagojević, Assistant Professor
Tatjana Brkanić, Assistant Professor
Ivana Stojšin, Assistant Professor
Tatjana Puškar, Assistant Professor
Branislav Bajkin, Assistant Professor
Ivan Tušek, Assistant Professor
Bojan Petrović, Assistant Professor
Igor Stojanac, Assistant Professor
Milan Drobac, Assistant Professor
Ivan Šarčev, Assistant Professor
Sanja Vujkov, Teaching Assistant (PhD)
Bojana Milekić, Teaching Assistant (PhD)
Branislava Petronijević, Teaching Assistant (MSc)
Jelena Mirnić, Teaching Assistant (MSc)
Milica Jeremić Knežević, Teaching Assistant
Danijela Đurović Koprivica, Teaching Assistant
Aleksandra Anđelković, Teaching Assistant
Bojana Žarković, Teaching Assistant
Miloš Čanković, Teaching Assistant
Tanja Predin, Teaching Assistant
Stojan Ivić, Teaching Assistant
Ivana Kantardžić, Teaching Assistant
Ivana Gušić, Teaching Assistant
Karolina Vukoje, Teaching Assistant

 Examination questions

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